W00t Quest is the new Quest

After focussing on a vague type of quest for a while, I came to a realisation today: I had not typed w00t for any reason for like… forever. To go on a quest with my feelings felt silly suddenly, when I can go for the w00ts!

What does that mean? It means that you can level up your life by focussing on the good things, I think. I learned from Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness what the value is of treating your life like a game. I treat mine already a lot like World of Warcraft. I take challenges and quests, look for groups, trade and farm reputation with certain factions.

Source: Geekadelphia.com

What if I actually transfer these activities to life? I have no idea, but it worked for Steve, so it might work for me. So my first goals will involve reaching a new level in the gym, farming rep among colleagues and finishing some major quests this year.

So back to this w00t, why is it worth so much? It was the cry of joy when reaching goals in WoW in the past. When you defeated a major boss or got some major item and stuff. It signifies the sense of achievement I’ve been missing out on. It signifies purpose and meaning in a sense most people will find silly. It means a lot to me though.

So I declare the start of phase one of W00tQuest, the trial campaign.

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