Underground Sounds: Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath

Label: Metal Blade Records
Band: Visigoth
Origin: USA
With their second full length, Visigoth from Salt Lake City really hits it hard. They might hail from the States, but in spirit, they roam the wide realms of Conan the Barbarian with their brawn and heavy metal mettle. Or perhaps they are truly representative of the ones who stormed the gates of Rome back in 410. This is their ‘Conqueror’s Oath’.
With roots in bands like Gallowbraid, Folkodia, and Destructinator, you can tell that the metal-love runs deep with this group. They’ve already made quite a splash with their debut album ‘The Revenant King’. The artwork is a joy to behold, the logo a powerful statement and the music is everything you love about traditional heavy metal

As the Visigoth marches in or gallops with the thundering hoofs of his warhorse proposing the pace, you realize one thing: heavy metal is not dead. The charm of big, muscular riffs and grand, epic vocals is immediately there, enticing you to march along and scream your lungs out on ‘Steel and Silver’. Think Manowar, think Turisas and everything that makes you want to wield swords barechested and save damsels (or save princess as a mighty Red Sonja-like warrior lady, equal treatment!).

Thundering drums and thudding bass loops are the foundation on which the music roars and puffs out its chest. Solid sounding and full of confidence, every song is a hit to me. That’s why ‘Traitor’s Gate’ stands out with its catchy intro, which immediately sets the tone for adventure and daring. The groovy ‘Salt City’ is, therefore, another oddity on this release, but not unpleasant either. A bit Kiss almost, stepping out of their regular framework. Whatever way they turn, the mighty vocals of Jake Rogers are a force by itself. What an incredibly fun and feisty album this is!

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