Underground Sounds: Skogen Algiz – STIF

Label: Self released
Band: Skogen Algiz 
Origin: Italy

The band Skogen Algiz, which is a bit shrouded in mystery, plays Alpine folk music. That is music that translates as the mountains, as grandiose peaks and deep dales with darkening trees. Of old myths and forgotten creatures. But then again, according to the bandcamp the music was made without ideals, just as an expression.

It appears taht Skogen Algiz is a one person band, which hails from the Italian part of Tirol. It would also appear that the man behind the band (mr. Formisano) is normally focused on photography, but I can  tell you already that he must be rather passionate about music too.

The sound feels very small, like it’s recorded in a tiny cabin in the woods. There’s no grander notion to the music, it’s not for a big party or to dance to, but just to escape into. Gently trickling guitar play is all the listener gets and the rare chiming of bells as well, like on track number 3. The chanting has a ritual tone to it, which drags the listener (if he wants to or not) to a place of calm and contemplation.

Sometimes the music sounds much closer to the modern pop, like the guitar notes on ‘no. 6’, that remind me peculiarly enough of the xx with that laid back sonic blanket feel. It’s a warm sound, but it takes you places as well. The song ‘8’ feels much more like a trippy journey, playful and recorded in a fuzzy way to make it feel more… fuzzy I suppose?

The record feels very pure, stripped of everything that it doesn’t nee dan in a way almost ritualistic, the way the guitars gently proceed and the music just lingers in the air.

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