Underground Sounds: Nam-Khar – Secret Essence/Sangwa Dupa

Label: Winter Light
Artist: Nam-Khar
Origin: Germany

Inspired by the mysteries of Tibet and far-eastern mysticism, Nam-Khar creates music that his highly ritualistic, marvelously uncommon and wildly unsettling at times. Still, the German artist creates pure magic with his blend of industrial, ambient and drone effects, which leaves you with a modern age ritual of aural magick.
The mixing was done by Martijn Comes, who is an absolute expert when it comes to amplifying the minimal into the maximal as done on this Winter Light release. ‘Secret Essence/Sangwa Dupa’ is by far not the first release of Nam-Khar. The artist name is derived from a ritualistic object, a weave from the Buddhist and Bön traditions. Wholly fitting, as that is how the music is created too.
‘Dri Za’ opens the record with eerie drones. Cold and metallic, they suck you into a darkness where the self slowly is peeled away. To a realm where in the dark, with your eyes shut, you can only hear the odd shuffling, dripping and industrial cracking beats that come at random intervals. The cavernous sound does much to intensify the listening experience, with the clangs reverberating from cavernous walls. Though there is a sense of foreboding, the horror element doesn’t frighten but merely focusses the mind on ‘Sab Dak’, as the sound slowly shifts.
On tracks like ‘Srinmo’ the drones are ever present, waxing and waining like the underground waters that they sound like. It’s different on the soundtrack-esque ‘Shidak’, which immediately creates a rising tension. Cold and eerie, but well entrancing. The sound o Nam-Khar is not that of fear, but of immersion and meditation. To dissolve the self into, the mood and calm unfolding itself, closing with the magical ‘Klu’.

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