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Silence will fall

I’m sorry! I’ve been extremely unproductive lately when it comes to writing. I do work on some longer pieces, some reviews and such but I’m so completely empty when I get home that falling on the couch and just watching a film is all I can do.

That’s a shame because I’m writing a biography (not of myself) and really have some good ideas for it. It’s going to be really cool. I don’t know if I’ll put snippets of it up here, maybe I will. It’s going to be in Dutch so writing AND translating is going to be a bit much.

Anyways, what I have been doing is listen to a lot of podcasts. I’m interested in entertaining and captivating podcasts. Obviously I started with Wil Wheaton’s ‘Free Burrito Radio’, but Wil is not always in the best mood. He is when his wife is joining him, but without he can be quite moody. That being said, since my girlfriend is gone for a few days I’m a bit lost and moody myself.

What can I do about it? Luckily I have the cats… They offer me so much entertainment.

DSC_0080Yeah that didn’t upload the way I wanted it to…

Anyways, stay tuned!

Writing pleasures

If you must write prose and poems
The words you use should be your own

– The Smiths, ‘Cemetary Gates’

Recently I wrote this article, in which I apply for a job at the Fontys high school, since they seem to be short on people and hire disputable figures. I’m not really angry or anything here, I just felt like I had something good to say about the topic, so I did.

Funny thing happens then, I was contacted about my earlier tattoo article by Dutch TV, this time I was contacted by someone from Fontys who wanted to give me a ring. It made me a bit cautious, maybe some threats of sueing me or trying to clear the situation? Maybe they decided to hire me, you never know.

So, the most miraculous thing was, that this person (I’ve chosen to be discreet on my blog about others) was just very impressed by the article and my writing, wanting to praise me on it. I must admit, I was a little bit stunned by that. I was told that many people appreciated the article and read it. That I wrote this article with a sharp pen, but was not vindictive in it. I’m very happy to receive such praise, these words mean a lot to me in this struggle to rise above my own insecurities.

So if I have a chest for confidence, a bunch of chunks of solid gold concerning my writing have filled it up after that conversation, for which I’d like to express my sincere thanks.

Feels like #winning. Oh, I’m still for hire.

source: http://williamlevybuzz.blogspot.nl/