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Frequencies and sounds – read the story

A little while ago, I finished a short story. It was for a course I was taking on creative writing, which I had abandoned for reasons of limited inspiration around 5 years ago. And now I have a short story, which also has a playlist.

It’s just sitting on my desktop. Why? Because I don’t want people to say it sucks. Yet, now, it has been read by one single person and the course members who reviewed it. So it has literally a readership of about 4 people and that is just… Well, a waste of a good amount of hours. Obviously, I also have a thesis flying about the internet (recently for sale on Amazon even), but that’s less… sensitive for me.

So, here it is. Please read it and tell me what you think. I created a playlist too, because some people may frown at the mention of bands like Ulver, The Angelic Process or other doomy stuff. Maybe they are weird choices, but for me this was a process of conveying experiences and emotions to a story, where they are disconnected through iterations from my own life. Yet, for me, there are clear lines between the story and my surroundings.  So, I decided to put this on here and hope people read it, because I’d rather have that someone enjoyed it even a little and still told me it sucks, than have this on my desktop for eternity.

Here’s the PDF. Here’s the EPUB.