Roadburn time is my favorite time

Every year, I try to look ahead to Roadburn. I go there and I try to see everything I want and more and the more the festival grows, the more I hate to mess stuff. Why? Is seeing 15 bands on one day not enough? I guess not if you take the Roadburn magic into account. Because if there’s one thing that simply doesn’t mellow it’s my feeling of awe and wonder every year again. 

Walter the magician

Every year, Roadburn is filled with magic and I can’t really explain to you why that is. I’ve gone to festivals, wandered around and thought to myself: why am I here? But never on Roadburn, where I keep running to the next venue. Last year, I was there for one day only (courtesy of the master Walter himself) and I ran from venue to venue to catch all I wanted. From the dungeon synth of Old Tower to the wonderful post-wave of Zola Jesus and the furious metalcore of Une Misere. I did not waste any second of it.

I guess passion and love for music are contagious because that is what shapes Roadburn. Again, all courtesy of Walter the magician himself. Every year there is so much to discover, so much to hear. And I can’t wait.

What to see?

Ok, so what should you go see? I can only say: everything! No band ever plays a shit show on Roadburn. No artist wants this to be ‘just another gig’. Go see that weird band in that tiny corner of the fest, explore, enjoy, and fall in love with music again. I do. Every year around March I think: maybe I should stop this silly hobby of writing about music. I should do something more responsible with my time.
…And then I listen to my first Roadburn band. I stand there, in 013 or in the Patronaat or one of the other venues and I fall in love. In love with the music, in love with the experience and in love with what I do. It’s like a magic potion, that Roadburn Experience, and as long as I get my yearly dose I’ll be good to go again.

But what really to see?

Ok, ok… Sure, I’ll share some advice. But please, don’t take my word for it and if you hear some interesting sounds coming from an open door on your way, just dive right in!

  1. Maalstroom

    Perhaps you are slightly puzzled what this is. Here’s some help with that, but what you need to do that this is some of the most innovative black metal musicians from the Netherlands joining forces for a great show with a commissioned piece. The venue is not mega huge and I really want to see it so… Maybe ignore me.

  2. Maalstroom Day

    On the day when Maalstroom takes place (it’s Sunday, just telling you that to make sure there’s space in the venue for me), the bands individually will also perform. In fact, I’m not lying, because some will play on Sunday so that’s cool. Turia, Laster, Terzij de Horde, Dodecahedron, Witte Wieven, Nusquama and  Grey Aura, all of that.

  3. Molasses

    I don’t know if you remember, but I’ll never forget Selim Lemouchi and the Devil’s Blood. This piece will be a tribute, an homage, featuring ex-members of The Devil’s Blood, including sister Farida. I don’t know how to help you if this is not already getting you excited.

  4. Myrkur

    I honestly think you should go see Myrkur. Sure, if you are a black metal fan, you’ve rageposted about this act. But go see them. It changes everything.

  5. Bossk
    What? No Celtic Frost? No, because I am allergic to stating the obvious. And I think there’s a chance you have not thought about Bossk yet. So now you do. Go see them.

The time is almost upon us and it’s better than Christmas (better than Julie Christmas? Not sure). I’m ready, I hope so are you. Say Hi. And if you see Walter say hi from me.

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