New label Auf Der Axe Records in Eindhoven

Eindhoven Rockcity has been enriched by the addition of a new label, titled Auf Der Axe Records. The label instantly dropped its first release, which is no other than The Dwarves’ ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ on cassette. You can order this… now!

Auf Der Axe Records is founded by TOm Auf Der Axe, who has been a passionate blogger, roadie and music lover for years. You can still read his old blog on the new website, though its in Dutch, and find out stuff about the earlier Eindhoven Rockcity scene.

Tom is known for playing, apart from the pen, the drums in Heretic. He used to be active in Misfits tribute band Devilöck and for example Fuzzlord, but like any drummer probably a legion of other bands. Another of his passions is the Dutch Chili Festival, which takes away quite some time as well. There was still room for a label though.

Starting a label has little to do with the profits of it and more with making some sweet stuff, which is the best motivation for anything. The first cassette is out, but keep your eyes on the website for future releases.

Follow Auf Der Axe Records on Facebook  and order that cassette on the website!

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