Dischord! And it’s not even Christmas

And once inside gonna tear till there’s nothing left to find
And you wonder just how close close-up can be?
Can’t you see? Can’t you see?
I had a dream all my thoughts turned to real lips

– Rites of Spring ‘Deeper Than Inside’

Somewhere in Washington is a house with the most famous porch in hardcore music. That porch is near a house (I’m an avid reader of stuff, but I’m never sure if it’s the house or the house across the street) where a man lives named Ian Mackaye. I’m not even sure he lives there, but it is rumoured he chases eager hardcore kids of his lawn (read about it on The Hard Times).

Now, you may have seen old man Mackaye in pretty much every hardcore documentary you’ve ever seen. There’s a man you can’t avoid if you want to talk about hardcore music. Founder (unwillingly) of the straight edge movement, kicking DIY in the ass to kickoff a movement and sticking to his guns of chosing the alternative to the big money, Ian Mackay is a legend.

I can tell you all about how that Minor Threat record changed my world, I can tell you how much I love Fugazi and what they stood for, but I just love the concept of Dischord Records, the label owned by Ian Mackaye. Fugazi never made their tickets too pricey, because that would keep the kids out. Another thingy…

This far Dischord records have been pretty much available to listen, but some stuff was just rare, hard to get by. Out of print was a common issue. Anyways, it’s not even Christmas, but all Dischord records are available on bandcamp. So thanks Ian, you’re the man!

Let me highlight some of my favorites!

Nation of Ulysses – Play Pretty for Baby

I’ve always felt that the Hives must have listened to Nation of Ulysses, there are so many similarities to be mentioned.  I probably lose scene points for saying that, but I dig this band big time.

Rites of Spring – End on end

So they may have had a hand in kickstarting whatever that thing is that we call emo now, but this full length of Rites of Spring is one of the bes things out there wit those rabid vocals and lyrics that grab you by the neck.

The Evens – The Odds

I wish that Ian Mackay made some more music himself, this last The Evens record is already from 2012, but isn’t it great? Solid guitar work and those great vocals by Amy Farina. A record to fall in love to.

State Of Alert – First Demo

Yes, it’s a demo, so why is this record so significant? I think because of the vocalist, who is Henry Garfield. You know him as Henry Rollins of Black Flag. Oh yeah, that demo….

Dag Nasty – Can I Say

My point is to make you go to bandcamp and check out Dischord. I will hardly do that with obscure shit, because you’re busy and you want to live your life and use your time wisely. So I give you this and it doesn’t need explanation. Look at the list of bands here… Go check this out.

So go forth and hear Fugazi, Fear, Faith, Void and so much more!



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