Black Coffee Blues

“Got up on the wrong side of life this morning.
Nothin’ today is gonna go my way.
Horoscope told me lies this morning.
I don’t think anything’s gonna be okay.

Everything sucks today!”

– Descendents ‘Everything Sucks’

It’s always good to realise that days will always suck now and then. Stuff will suc, people will suck and coffee won’t taste as brilliant as it is supposed to taste. At my work we have not got the right coffee, its either too bitter or too watery. It always comes from a machine as well and that is in general no good start for your days. A good cup of coffee is vital, specially when you can get a good breakfast with it like pancakes, eggs and bacon. After that you can take on the whole world.

Coffee in Vilnius (by J. Lukosiute)

There’s one coffee machine with filters and grinded coffee in the office of the manager, there’s only a limited amount of users for that. Oh, the sheer glory of being one of the inner circle and getting a cup of actual coffee from there… The joy is so enormous. That can really make my day. I used to have one of those machines that grind the beans themselves, but for some reason it never tasted as good. It had some issues as well , that’s true, but it mainly didn’t feel like coffee as I know it.

This inevitably is going to lead to the best cup of coffee story. That’s pretty hard, the best ones are on the day after a long night, with the great breakfast and preferably with the sun in your face. I am fairly sure that some of those great cups were had in hostels around Europe. On Sardinia I got to taste the coffee culture of the Italians, that was an eye opener for sure. The best though is coffee made Lithuanian style, with dark bread, butter and sausage. Guaranteed to feel stuffed and ready to fight a fucking mammoth with a chainsaw wielding orc on it’s back.

One day I was derived of coffee on the location I was working. A colleague kindly posted various pictures of coffee on my facebook page. That was rather frustrating and hilarious at the same time. All in all, there is nothing that says sobering comfort like a cup o’ Joe. Nothing better to have a chat over than the black stuff and nothing that allows you more to just play that internal black coffee blues , while staring out of a window. All you need is a cup and some time…




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