Who is Guido Segers?

So my name is Guido Segers. I like writing, music, games, sports, my wife and my cats. I wanted to write to you about music, my life and things that matter to me. You can also find me on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. I’ll be happy to connect.

Guido Segers


When I share images or mention your organisation/blog/ brand/etc. I am usually positive, furthermore, I’m writing and sharing it from excitement. I’ll gladly remove it if it causes you problems, but be aware that I always try to mention the source. Please just contact me (don’t be a dick about it), so we can solve this.

Like everything, if you feel I mis used something or not mentioned you as a source properly, let me know and I’ll change it or remove it. We’re all in this music thing for the sheer excitement of it, probably you are too. So we should be able to work things out.

Any views on this page are views from me, alone, not anyone else’s. I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech, but also that to do this there’s no need to be insulting. If you feel that way about something I wrote, please get in touch.

5 thoughts on “About/Disclaimer”

  1. Hi. Is it possible to get a contact email-address to send all future press releases and new records from our artists at all?Thanks,David

    1. Hey David, this is just my personal blog. If you want to send me something, I have a gmail with the same handle as this site.


  2. Hi Guido, nice to see Bucovina reviewed on your blog! However, please take notice that Bucovina has had nothing to do with Lupii Daciei Records since 2007, and that label doesn’t even have the right to press any more CDs with the Band’s first album.

    As of 2007, Bucovina is an independent enterprise, with all the songs being published by our own label, Tara de Sus. We, through Tara de Sus own all the rights to the music, lyrics, graphics, videos, recordings and all.

    Thanks for reading this message (which you can, of course decide to remove) and for making the necessary changes to your article.

    On behalf of Bucovina, Crivat.

  3. Remember Melanie (Safka)’s 1971 novelty hit “Brand New Key” (the rollerskate song)?

    We’ve done a cover version that has a very different vibe…


    We hope you’ll give this song a listen and share it and/or review it.

    Mercy Weiss is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who now lives in Los Angeles. She collaborated with Christopher Pellnat, guitarist for The Warp/The Weft, based in Poughkeepsie, NY (USA), to create this cover of “Brand New Key.”

    You can hear more of Mercy’s music on Bandcamp – https://mercy-ep.bandcamp.com/ and Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/mercyweiss

    Please let us know if you need anything further, such as photos, MP3, etc.

    Best wishes,

    Mercy and Chris

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